Whittakers 100s and 1000s Barvarian

So I was doing yoga on Tuesday and my mind was wandering. The Whittakers 100s and 1000s chocolate had been back for a couple of weeks, its last release was in 2014, and I was struck by the idea of trying to making a barvarian dessert from my tried and true recipe. This recipe I normally make uses 72% Whittakers chocolate and just the white marshmallows out of a packet. The Whittakers 100s and 1000s chocolate has a slight berry flavour so my epiphany came when I realized that I could use the pink marshmallows in this alternative recipe and save myself from eating all of them!



250g of crushed biscuits (for my standard dark chocolate recipe I use Oreos, for the 100s and 1000s I used Vanilla Wines)

80g melted butter


1 block of Whittakers chocolate (in this case 100s and 1000s)

1/4 cup of milk

100g single colour marshmallows (pink)

1 top gelatine powder

1 Tbsp water

2 cups heavy whipping cream

Ps, this recipe is so easy to halve. For the full recipe use a lined 20cm round springform tin and when halving it use a lined 17cm round springform tin.


Mix together the crushed biscuits and butter then press into your springform tin. Place in refrigerator to set.

Make a double boiler by sitting a Pyrex or metal bowl on top of a pot with water in it. Heat the pot over a low heat so that the bowl is heated by the warming water below it.

Into the bowl place the broken up chocolate block, the milk and the marshmallows. Stir as the mixture begins to melt and combine. (I also used this time to fish out the biscuit pieces in the 100s and 1000s block as I didn’t want them ruining the smooth velvety texture of the finished dessert, they made a nice garnish on top instead.)

When you have a smooth melted marshmallow/chocolate mixture take the bowl off the pot.

In a separate bowl (or a mug) dissolve the gelatine in the water. Hot water will speed this process up. Add the gelatine to the marshmallow/chocolate mixture and stir it in, this should give it a slightly glossier appearance. Place this mixture into the fridge to cool down so it feels slightly colder than lukewarm but not cold. This will probably take at least 30 minutes.

When it has reached the desired temperature whip your cream until it forms peaks.

Add your marshmallow/chocolate mixture to the cream and beat on high to combine then pour over the biscuit base. Place the dessert in the fridge to set for at least 2 hours. (I added the biscuit pieces I saved on top and sprinkled 100s and 1000s to give it a pretty finish.)

The verdict: Pretty good, with a couple of ‘buts’.

The 100s and 1000s chocolate is a white chocolate so its pretty sweet and this made the overall level of sweetness of the dessert higher than I prefer. The use of the pink marshmallows helped to retain the hint of berry flavour of the white chocolate and pink colour so it looks like what it was made from, but also retains the sweetness. The use of Vanilla Wine biscuits keeps the appearance and flavour of the base true to the original biscuits so appearance wise, especially when topping with 100s and 1000s, I think this dessert stays pretty true to both the biscuit and the chocolate. This experimental recipe was a success but I don’t think its one I’ll make very often as I (and my partner) prefer the original recipe using Whittakers 72% Dark Chocolate. However I have bought a couple of blocks of the 100s and 1000s chocolate to keep in my baking cupboard just in case I need to whip one up.

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