Being more eclectic

I was thinking about the purpose of my blog and why I have one. I came to the conclusion that it is similar to the reason behind why I’m a teacher; because I want to share with others the things around me which bring me enjoyment (well, maybe not all parts of all teaching subjects fall into that category … plants). Unfortunately, I do not have the time and resources to be working on my hobbies all the time, so today’s post is about what I would like to do more of, or pick up as a hobby, if I wasn’t restricted by time and/or money.

1. Papercrafting

Lets start out small and go back in time to a project which I began back in the ’17/’18 Zoids drought. The cost of an HMM kit had ballooned but occasionally a kit would pop up on the NZ auction website at a reasonable price, which unfortunately usually led to a bidding war. In that time I taught myself to papercraft so I could build the modular Blade Liger Mirage papercraft (I still haven’t made a post about it yet).

Since then I have not found any more papercrafts like it.

I began to 3D model my own one based on the HMM Liger Zero, but I don’t find modelling as enjoyable of a hobby as some of my other hobbies, and my subscription to the 3D modelling software has expired so that project is in limbo.

So, if time and money were no object, I’d pay to download already completed 3D models of my favourite zoids, especially the Konig Wolf, pay another person to put those models through Pepakura and then I’d be able to make custom Zoids papercrafts to the same scale as the Blade Liger Mirage above.

2. Painting

It is winter in NZ. That means short days, light at low angles, increased rain, cloud and humidity. None of these things make for good airbrushing conditions. In the April school holidays I began work on my Supernova Death Stinger. There were several good days where I was able to use the full 4-5 hours of direct sunlight our yard gets to spray paint the primer and get a couple of coats of the chameleon paint on the green parts. Since then only one weekend has been sunny but the humidity was above 80% so no painting for me.

A climate controlled garage or workshop would be amazing, if money and time were no object. I would be able to paint to my heart’s content, or until I needed to rest my shoulders (since my airbrushing stance is pretty terrible and hunched over).

3. Dinner parties

‘Oh la la’ I hear you say, but hear me out.

  1. I enjoy baking and cooking.
  2. I would like to do more baking and cooking to try and improve my technique
  3. I kilojoule count to prevent myself from gaining too much weight
  4. If people came over to eat the food I wouldn’t eat so much of the baking (as a batch of cookies or a cake is too much for one person, and you can’t really use a fraction of an egg in a recipe to downscale it)
  5. I like playing board games
  6. We can play board games after eating food!

Yes, as an introvert this is one of the ways which I enjoy spending time with people. Eating together then either competing or cooperating in a game, with break outs into conversations about random topics interspersed. I guess that’s why I enjoy being the GM and host to the tabletop RPG, Blades in the Dark, as that is a lower key version of a ‘dinner party’. I get to bake for these sessions, and have been experimenting with GF and vegan recipes to cater for all dietary needs of our crew. We then get to immerse ourselves in the world of Doskvol and have been attempting to bring about the word of Health and Safety to Coalridge with the aid of The Lost. Its fun, but the food is basic and the time I have to prepare it is limited as baking is best fresh and we have our games at midday. If I could hold them at dinner with all day to play around with the food (and preferably a bigger kitchen than our current flat has) then that is what I envision a ‘Dinner Party’ to entail.

4. Learn the drums

This is something new I would like to pick up. When I was seven I learnt the violin. I appreciate it when I hear violins, or another stringed instrument which requires the use of a bow, in a band. I think that they add an extra depth to the music, such as in Rhapsody of Fire’s epic albums.

Although I think it would be good to pick up the violin again, especially since I can still remember the fingering to one song in particular (3,3, 0,0, 1,2,3,1,0, 0), I like the seeming simplicity and rhythm of the drums. I know that there will be way more depth to them than just that, but whenever I get wrapped up in listening to epic music it is always the drums which I try to emulate rather than the guitars, keyboard/piano or wind instruments.

Space is currently an issue, so maybe in my climate controlled, and now soundproofed, garage/workshop I could also have a set of drums to learn how to play.

5. Helicopter pilot license

We end up at the most out of reach ‘hobby’ I would like to get involved in: learning to fly, earning enough hours behind the controls of one of those whirlygigs and then getting a pilot’s license. I wouldn’t want to own one, where would I put it? (Although I guess that since this fantasy is all about if time and money were no object then I’d in theory be able to own, or have access to, a property where it could exist when I’m not using it. Its not going in my fantasy humidity controlled, soundproofed garage/workshop.)

The way that helicopters work is pretty fantastic! It can go straight up, or straight down, hover or go speeding off wherever it wishes, as long as there aren’t any obstacles to get stuck in the rotor blades. I guess a part of me, the science teacher, is drawn to the physics behind the helicopter. Another part, however, has always enjoyed the aesthetic in movies of machines doing their thing, such as in Ford vs Ferari, and the fantasy machines such as the the first Micheal Bay Transformer movie and Pacific Rim movie.

‘Why don’t you just download a simulator and play on that to learn how to fly?’ I hear you ask. Its because I have other games I’d rather be playing in the times I have to myself, plus its the g-forces, the vertigo and sense of awe that I want. Learning the skill would be a fun challenge but being able to take off then play with the machine’s capabilities would be the thrill that I was after.

Besides, its probably the closest I’d feel to being a Zoid pilot.

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